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TITLE: Status of Muslim Women in Sri Lanka During the Last Decades
YEAR: 2001
This is a research study made by MWRAF on the status of Muslim women in Sri Lanka during the last two decades. This study is significant in building the profile of the new woman and identifying her capacity to cope with the challenges of the context.
TITLE: Divorce- Legal literacy Booklet No. 2 (Tamil & English)
YEAR: 2002
The booklet explains the Muslim law of divorce and the rights of women after divorce focusing on both positive and negative aspects of the law. It is written in a simple style and is colorfully illustrated.
TITLE: Stepping Out: Women Surviving Amidst Displacement and Deprivation
AUTHOR: F. Zackariya and N. Shanmugaratnam
YEAR: 2002
ISBN: 955-625-016-6
This monograph traces some aspects of changing gender relations and relations within Muslim communities displaced from the northern province of Sri Lanka due to the ethnic conflict.
TITLE: Iru Ulahangkaluku Idail(Tamil)-Between Two Worlds - Muslim Women in a Multi Ethnic Society)
YEAR: 2002
ISBN: 955-625-018-2
The book explores the reality of Muslim women’s lives in Sri Lanka within the family, in the community and as citizens. Although Muslim women have traditionally enjoyed certain rights together with women of the other communities in Sri Lanka, communal forces are undermining these rights. Despite the increasing recognition of minority rights by the state, the rights of Muslim women continue to be marginalized
TITLE: Peace and Reconciliation in South Africa: What Lessons?
AUTHOR: Rashida Manjoo
YEAR: 2003
This book is based on the presentation made by Rashida Manjoo, an active WLUML networker and a member of the Gender Equality Commission from South Africa, at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in August 2003, focusing on issues of reconciliation and peace building by women
TITLE: A Step at a Time ……
AUTHOR: Jezima Ismail
YEAR: 2003
ISBN: 955-625-022-0
Those articles of Islamic content have no chronological order. They could be from any period from 1976 to date. The selection is random and signifies the process of a mind on its journey towards the manifestation of Islam in practice. It is just a natural seeking for signposts towards insight.
TITLE: Uraththu Pesum Ulmanam (Tamil)- Inner Mind that Speaks Aloud
AUTHOR: Zulfika
YEAR: 2003
This collection of poems reveals a woman’s life in current society which is representative of women as a whole in the Sri Lankan society. The poems express the problems, emotions, feelings, and the oppression women undergo, and also the reactions of a woman.
TITLE: Kadduppaadu allathu suyaathiinam (Tamil) -Controlled or Autonomous
AUTHOR: Farida Shaheed-translated into Tamil by M. A. Nuhman
YEAR: 2004
An occasional paper to reveal the ideology and the experience of WLUML
TITLE: The Bereft Women in the East
YEAR: 2005
TITLE: The South African Commission for Gender Equality:Beginnings and Functioning
AUTHOR: Rashida Manjoo
YEAR: 2006
ISBN: 955-625-027-1
This booklet is based on the presentation made by Rashida Manjoo, in August 2003, during a visit to Sri Lanka taking a critical look at the functioning of the South Africa Commission for Gender Equity.
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