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TITLE: Muslim Family Law in Sri Lanka: Theory, Practice and Issues of Concern to Women
AUTHOR: Chulani Kodikara
YEAR: 1999
ISBN: 955-625-005-0
This is a comprehensive study of Muslim Personal Law related cases in Sri Lanka in the areas of marriage, divorce, dowry, maintenance, custody of children and divorce settlements.
TITLE: Reaching Out - Changing Our Lives - Outreach Strategies and Women Living Under Muslim Laws
AUTHOR: Report prepared and edited by Cassandra Balchin
YEAR: 1999
ISBN: 955-625-009-3
Based on the sharing that took place at the 1999 WLUML Outreach Strategies Exchange Programme meeting, this tool documents some of the network’s experiences of outreach and identifies the basic principles that underlie outreach activities – no matter how diverse the actual activities have been across the Network. With the aim of inspiring experimentation and dialogue among groups conducting outreach activities, it shared strategies at both general and specific levels.
TITLE: Muslim Personal Law in Sri Lanka : Some Aspects of the Law on Family Relations
AUTHOR: Savitri Goonesekara
YEAR: 2000
ISBN: 955-625-007-7
This is a history of Muslim personal law in Sri Lanka from colonial times to the present.
TITLE: The Need for Ijthihad or Intellectual Reasoning- Seminar Series-2
YEAR: 2000
ISBN: 955-625-008-5
A collection of papers presented at a meeting on ‘The Principle of Ijtihad in Islam and Need for Islamic Scholarship’
TITLE: Marriage – Legal Literacy Booklet No. 1 (Tamil & English)
YEAR: 2000
ISBN: 955-625-011
This little booklet gives you an introduction to Muslim Law in Sri Lanka in the areas of Marriage, Dowry and Maintenance. Written from the point of view of women, it highlights both positive and negative aspects of the law and is colorfully illustrated for easy reference.
TITLE: Vivaherathum Athan Seyal Muraium (Tamil)-Divorce and it’s Procedure
YEAR: 2000
This hand book is based on the issues of divorce, types of divorce and its procedure. It may be used as a guide to the Quazis and advisors of Muslim Personal Law.
TITLE: Ilankaeel Muslim Kalvi (Tamil)-Muslim Education in Sri Lanka: Women’s Education and Higher Education
AUTHOR: Edited by S.H. Hasbullah & N.P.M. Saifdeen
YEAR: 2000
ISBN: 955-625-010-7
Proceedings of a National Conference on Muslim Education.
TITLE: Sama Neethiyum, Samuga Niyayamum Muslim Penkalum (Tamil) -Equity, Social Justice and Muslim Women
AUTHOR: Asgar Ali Engineer,Translated by : Zulfika Ismail
YEAR: 2000
ISBN: 955-625-004-2
In the first of the Occasional Papers to be published by MWRAF, Asgar Ali Engineer gives a fresh insight into aspects of equity and justice for Muslim women. He argues on the basis of the Quran and Hadiths that Islam does not deny rights and justice to women. Justice is the basis of Islamic society.
TITLE: The Quazi Court System in Sri Lanka and its impact on women
AUTHOR: Saleem Marsoof
YEAR: 2001
ISBN: 955-625-014-X
This publication analyses the Quazi Court System in Sri Lanka from the point of view of women highlighting the need for law reform to ensure equality and justice for women within Muslim law.
TITLE: Ueerthelal (Tamil)-Resurrection
AUTHOR: Zulfika
YEAR: 2001
A collection of poems dealing with women and gender issues of the society at present. Some of the issues covered are gender violence and discrimination in the family, education, work place and public life. The poem calls for women’s empowerment and action as well
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