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To create a Sri Lankan identity where there is no concept of majority and minority and all citizens are of equal status.

To ensure the rights of women in Muslim communities are not subsumed under the collective rights of the community

  To strive for the socio-economic and legal rights of women in Sri Lanka.
  To expand and strengthen capacities of community based groups and organize women to articulate their needs and problems.
  To mobilize women to assert their rights on issues of democracy and autonomy.
  To provide a forum for concerned women and men to come together for discussion and  action with regard to issues that affect women in the Muslim community in particular and national issues in general.
  To promote solidarity among professional women and men to bring about progressive  interpretation of the Qur'an.
  To monitor implementation of Muslim Personal law and work towards reform of   Muslim  Personal Law in Sri Lanka in keeping with the principles of equity and justice.
  Peace building at the grassroots level among the ethnic communities that  MWRAF  works with.