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Title: Livelihood Skill training programs
Date: 2010-06-01
MWRAF in collaboration with SHARE conducted livelihood training for a team of 25 enthusiastic women from the small village called Sinnamothuwaram. This village is located in the suburbs of the Eastern province and is in very close proximity to the sea. Around 200 families resided in this village and their main source of income was fishing. But sadly this village was struck tremendously by the Tsunami in 2004. The residents lost almost everything in the Tsunami and most of the families even resettled in a nearby village called Kollavil. The families suffered tremendously from poverty, lack of empowerment and will power to be able to step forward and self employ. The residents also had a poor literacy level and apart from fishing both males and females lacked the skill in any income generating ventures.
MWRAF reaches out to these women and trains them in a number of areas such as in tailoring, baking, hand embroidery, crafts and Batik production. These workshops took place in Colombo and MWRAF did a fairly adequate training to be able to build trainers in hope that they would be able to impart their skills to the other residents back in the village. The sole aim of this training program is to empower the women to be able to generate some form of income which would help them overcome their poverty and dependency.
The training program also promoted coexistence and working in harmony with diverse ethnic groups. The first batch that was trained consisted of Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslim Participants and showed a lot of coexistence in them working towards a common goal. Such interactions seemed to bring a very positive out reach in the post war situation in the country, and seem to be taking steps to achieve the over all aims of MWRAF.
Title: “Women as a Vital Force of the Past, Present & Future” International Women’s Day Celebrations
Date: 2009-03-07
There were panels of speakers who spoke on perspectives of women in the work they have done in the past 40 years. These panels comprised of eminent professionals and academics in the nation including Professor Swarna Jayaweera, Ms. Manel Abeysekara, Dr. Hiranthi Wijemane, Dr. Selvy Tiruchandran and Deshabandu Jezima Ismail.

Professor Savitri Goonesekere was felicitated for her achievement on being awarded the Fukuoka Asian Culture Academic Prize 2008. Dr Deepika Udagama spoke on Prof Goonesekere’s acomplishments and she was given a token of appreciation by the weavers of the tsunami affected, eastern province areas.

The program was in order to felicitate many great women of the past, focusing mainly on Dr. Wimela De Silva, Bernedine De Silva and Lorna Wright, whose services to the nation have contributed towards vast changes in the lives of many. Ms. Malsiri Dias, Ms. Okama Brook and Ms. Tania Anthony were amongst those who re-lived their experiences with these women and spoke of their work in the community, which has become a vital part of society. A necrology ceremony was organized as part of the program to give thanks and remembrance to those amazing women and hope that their work can inspire many more intellectual women to flourish in the future.

Trilingual songs on women, together with a dance performance, provided excellent entertainment to the audience, while at the same time created a great inspiration and encouragement in the hearts of all those present in the audience that day, to bring about more women of their caliber in our community.

ISLE members were part of the main organization committee and helped coordinate the entire program. This program also focused on launching and introducing ISLE to the public. The success of this pioneering ISLE program laid the foundation stone for the vision that ISLE hopes to create.

Title: Culture of Islam - Radio program
Date: 0000-00-00
The program concentrates on topics such as education, Islamic ethics, status of women, coexistence, etc. More important outlooks on spiritual standards for peaceful society and attitudes to influence personal and social life through Islamic perspectives have also been highlighted so far.
Islamic songs, poetry and supplications are also included in these programs. The teachings and practices of our holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) together with analytical interpretation on verses of the holy Quran are given much prominence to.
Special programs on the two days of Eid (Islamic festival) were also aired. School children were also taken in to participate in these two broadcasts.
In future radio programs, we hope to focus on a series of special topics of utmost significance to the present situation in our country and the problems facing our Muslim community at large today. These subjects for discussion will be selected and the programs conducted by eminent professionals within the community. We anticipate its commencement and are hopeful that such programs will be of paramount interest and benefit to our listeners.

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