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We actively network with groups having similar objectives at local, national, regional and international levels. MWRAF is part of the Sri Lanka Women's NGO Forum, which provides a common forum for women's organizations to come together on broader issues of concern at the national level.
We have facilitated formation of social / regional networks like NESCOD.
MWRAF is also part of the International Solidarity Network, 'Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML)' where over two thousand women in around 40 countries are linked. MWRAF is able to link up with research groups, media groups, training organizations, grass roots organizations, and other local level religious fora - Federation of All Mosques in Ampara District (FAMAD), universities, Islamic scholars and legal aid and crisis centers on diverse issues relevant to our work.
We extend our support and solidarity to organizations and individual women and men who are victims of human rights abuses and also those protesting against injustice, discrimination and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.