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MWRAF maintains a documentation and resource unit with a collection of over 5,000 covering:
  1. Formal and customary laws in the Muslim world.
  2. Women's lives, struggles and strategies.
  3. Progressive interpretations of Islam.
  4. Political and Social Sciences.
  5. Research reports.
  6. Women’s Studies.
  7. Sri Lanka – History, Culture, Ethnic conflict.
  8. Sri Lanka - Law related publications.
  9. Human rights, Fundamental rights.
  10. Personal laws.
  11. International and local journals.
  12. Publications of the International Solidarity Network – Women Living Under Muslim Laws.
Audio and Video documentaries available include:
  1. ‘Silent tears’ – violence against women – (Video)
  2. Muslim family law in Sri Lanka
Resource material is available in both English and Tamil. The Centre is open to interested researchers, groups and individuals.
  Research studies and reports.
  Seminar and workshops presentations.
  Occasional papers.
  Bi-annual newsletter in English and Tamil.
  Translations of selected books and articles in Tamil.