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Action Research
MWRAF has conducted extensive research (on our own initiative and collectively with others) on
  The Law and Status of Muslim women (1986, 1993, 1997).
  Challenge for Change – collection of studies on understanding the status of Muslim society      and Muslim women (1986).
  Political use of religion and its Impact on Muslim women in Sri Lanka (1995).
  A Historical Perspective on Communalization of Muslims in Sri Lanka (1995).
  Violence against Women in the Muslim community.
  Demographic Study of the population trends in the Muslim community.
  Internally displaced persons – study of Muslim women’s survival struggles and strategies.
  Sporadic violence – among ethnic communities.
  Early Marriage and the Cycle of Violence       among displaced communities/contexts.
  Reproductive Health of Muslim women in       displaced situations
  Socio-economic status of the tsunami       affected communities in the buffer zone.
  Prevalence of early marriage among       young girls in the muslim community.
  Understanding conflict and its
     manifestations at the local level.
  Case studies of widows and their       survival strategies - post tsunami.